As PhD-candidate or master student at KTH you have the opportunity to
be guest researcher at the leading institute for informatics in Japan

The National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo has identified KTH as a
prioritized partner institution and has therefore decided to award grants
for up to 3 persons from KTH per year for the coming years. Master
students and PhD-students at KTH are eligible.
Students need to find a supervising professor at NII and then write a
Letter of Motivation. The Letter should be sent to Assoc.Prof. Atsuto
Maki,, who is coordinating this program at KTH. Do that
before October 15th. Then the decision will be made for 1-2 applicants to
nominate. Vice president Stefan Östlund is responsible for this process.

The visit should start before April 2020 and last for at least two months.
The grant will cover living costs during the internship for between 2 and 6
months (5,700 yen per day). It can be possible to stay even longer but
then without funding.
NII also offers some courses each year taught in English that visiting
students can take.

NII offers an exceptionally strong research environment. It is the only
national institute in Japan in the area of computer science with some 75
permanent professors and also many visiting professors.
The institute is located in central Tokyo.

Information about the scholarship programme: