FINT is recruiting! We work to increase cohesion betwen students of all backgrounds at the Physics Chapter’s associated master programmes, as well as exchange students studying mathematics and physics as their main subjects. We do this by arranging events – everything from pubs to easter egg hunts and museum visits – conducted entirely in English. We also arrange the Physics Master Reception in August/September.

We very much want help from engaged students to arrange our activities, and can offer you who want to apply for exchange studies a grade point average (GPA) increase of 0.2 in the selection process to exchange destinations, valid for two years after you engaged in the committee!


By engaging in the committee, students can obtain a certificate from THS granting a 0.2 GPA increase that can be used to compete for exchange destinations when applying for exchange studies through KTH. In order to receive the certificate, the student must put down at least 25 hours of work during the spring semester and/or during the Master Reception in August/September.

The committee will create a plan for the spring semester with event dates. Those who engage will register to plan and carry out a number of events. How many hours the event is worth is determined in consultation between the chairperson and the engaged students at the beginning of the semester, but as a guideline, an event is worth 4 hours of planning and 4 hours of execution. Larger events, like pubs, will count as two events. This means that committee members are expected to plan and carry out one large or two small events (16 hours) and aid the execution of another large or two small events (8 hours), or do the same work distributed differently.

Planning of the events is carried out together in a group of two (or more for larger events). The chairperson of the committee guides the committee members in planning and conducting the events at monthly meetings (with fika!). The committee chairperson keeps track of executed events and in September requests the certificates from THS, so that they can be used to apply for exchange to the spring and autumn semesters of 2021 and 2022.

The committee’s goal is to hold one event per month from January to May with a total workload corresponding to 7 small events / 56 hours and then hold three or four events for two weeks directly after the reception weeks in August and September. However, this amount of events will adjusted so that it corresponds to the amount of work that is expected to be carried out according to how many people get engaged in the board.

The themes and types of events held by the committee are chosen by the members. We have some ideas, e.g. visits to Skansen, Easter egg hunting on campus, international food exchanges, etc., but you are more than welcome to bring your own suggestions. The only limitations are that the themes of the events must change (i.e. we can not hold the same event several times) and that we will have pubs at the beginning and end of the semester. The remaining events must not be centered around alcohol.

It is the responsibility of each member to work on enough events to accumulate enough hours to get the bonus points when the semester ends, but we make sure together that everyone is registered on enough events when the events are handed out at the startup meetings.

How to get engaged

We will hold two startup meetings in the chapter hall Konsulatet – one January 20th at 17:15 and one January 29th at 17:15. These meetings will take about an hour. Come to one of thee meetings and present yourself, and we will put you in the committee working group and assign you event dates. Then we wil meet at planning workshops once a month (or more often if needed).

If the number of people who want to engage in the committee becomes very large, we may put in place a selection process to join the committee. If so, details will be announced shortly after the startup meetings. In order for us to gauge the interest, we would be happy if you could sign up quickly in this form (not mandatory).

If you have any questions before the meetings, or if you want to get engaged but am unable to join the meetings, send an email to

We hope to have you as an engaged member of the International Committee!

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