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The Physics chapter is taking measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. All physical events are conducted with regard to the restrictions and recommendations of Swedish authorities. The board has composed a document of rules and guidelines for all chapter activities during the Covid-19 epidemic that can be found here (Swedish only): Riktlinjer inför hösten.

Due to the latest regulations as of December 14th the chapter will not arrange any in-person events. The following information was posted in the chapter’s Facebook group on the 29th of October and is still valid.

New restrictions regarding Cov.-19

Dear chapter,

Today the Public Health Agency of Sweden (FHM) announced new local restrictions in the Stockholm region. These restrictions encourages all residents of the region to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Also any arranged meeting of people is advised against. These restrictions will hold until the 19th of November

With this in mind the chapter’s in-person activities will be either cancelled, postponed or moved online for the remainder of this period.At the moment no information on the effects this has on KTH and the campus premises can be found.

Best regards,

The Chapter board through

President Christoffer

Below you’ll find some information that might be of interest to you regarding implications of Covid-19.


KTH and other authorities recommend those who can work and study from home.

The chapter hall is currently open to students as a place of study. The table placement is adapted to have a more airy and spacious seating.

THS and Nymble

Information from THS:


  • We will continue having no events in Nymble or Osqvik until at least December 13th.


  • Nymble, the Bookstore, THS Café and the Restaurant will still be open, but with new updated safety information posted around the building,and possibly even further restrictions than the past three weeks in the number of seats and tables in their respective areas. This because we still want to provide, for the students who really need it, a space to study.
  • Administrators for crucial democratic meetings, may still make use of premises in Nymble, but only the administrators. The meeting itself will still be needed to be completely on Zoom. You must contact ordf@ths.kth.se and ask permission if you wish to do this.
  • KårX will continue to be physically open Monday-Wednesday, but will still be reachable by phone: 08–790 98 51 and by mail: karx@ths.kth.se during their regular office hours.

For more information from the student union see their page here: THS


KTH gives general information on the continued education here:

[KTH] Information for students regarding the coronavirus

For questions concerning specific courses, please contact our course committees. For other questions, feel free to email FSN at fsn@f.kth.se.


For any questions you have as a member of the chapter or as a student, please visit either our Facebook or write to the mail of the president of Fysiksektionen, ordf@f.kth.se. KTH and THS have also published information regarding the situation on their websites. See links below.

Best regards,
President Morris and the board


[Krisinformation] Information from authorities