Welcome to your master programme and to the Physics Chapter! To introduce you to us, and most importantly to your fellow students, the Physics Chapter organises for the first time ever the Master Reception for all students starting the master programmes in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Mathematics, and Nuclear Energy Engineering. On this page you will find information on the reception activities, as well as useful and important info which we have prepared especially for new master students.

Reception Activities

Rounder tournament, Sep 1st 13:00-15:00
Location: Gärdet

Rounder (Swedish: brännboll) is one of the most beloved social activities in Sweden. But which master programme is the master of rounder? A tournament will be held to decide, and the winning team will be awarded a glorious prize! Dress for running, and bring something warm to wear during pauses.

Master students’ pub, Sep 4rd 17:28 – late
Location: Konsulatet (the chapter hall), Brinellvägen 89

The Pub & Party Committee fkm* opens the doors of the chapter pub especially for you master students. There will be inexpensive drinks, festive spirit and fun pub activities like pubquiz, of course with glorious prizes!

Dinner Duke Out Challenge, throughout September
Sign up by September 1st

Modeled after the famous Swedish TV-show Halv åtta hos mig, we challenge you to have dinner together with three to you previously unknown fellow master students in your programme. If you manage to do it four times before the start of October, you will be awarded the most glorious prize of the whole reception. In the process, you will experience new cuisine and cultures and make new friends. More information and the sign-up form can be found at the following web address: bit.ly/MasterDinner2018.

About the Physics Chapter

The Physics Chapter organizes education quality assurance like the master responsible students, career building events like the FUSION career day with company recruiters, and social activities like sports and pubs for the Master Programmes in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Mathematics, and Nuclear Energy Engineering as well as for students of the Degree Programme in Engineering Physics at KTH. It also cares of the Chapter Hall, called Konsulatet, available to all members. Membership is automatically granted upon becoming a THS member, which you can join at ths.kth.se.

Through the chapter you as a student have a lot of opportunities to improve education and solve problems which might occur with courses, get in contact with companies, researchers and employers, make new friends and have a fun time at KTH. It is thus a good idea to keep watch on our information channels for current opportunities and events. You will find a selection of channels under Contact.

The Chapter also represents your legal rights as a student towards KTH and can help you in many troublesome situations which may occur during your studies. Again, you will find the relevant contacts under Contact. Make sure to save them for future reference.


Q: Who is the Master Reception for?
A: The Physics Chapter Master Reception 2018 is for all students starting any of the masters Applied and Computational Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Mathematics, and Nuclear Energy Engineering in the autumn of 2018.

Q: Why should I join the Master Reception?
A: Make new friends for your coming studies, discover the rich community of the Physics Chapter, and just plain have fun.

Q: Do I need to be a THS member or pay anything to join the reception?
A: You do not need to pay THS membership to participate in the reception. There is also no entry fee for any activities, but during the dinner challenge you will need to finance your own dinners, and it’s a good idea to bring some money for drinks at the pub.

Q: I’m already a member of another chapter at KTH (e.g. Maskin, Flyg, MedTek). Why should I care about the Physics Chapter?
A: Let me give you a few reasons.

  • Regardless of your chapter membership, the Physics Chapter is responsible for the education quality assurance (swedish: studiebevakning) at your master – it is us who organize the master responsible students etc., so it is a good idea to understand how our education quality assurance works and keep updated about how to contact us in case of problems with a course or suggestions for improvement of the education. (By the way, in case of problems with a course during your master, contact sno@f.kth.se).
  • We organise career building opportunities aimed at your master. Especially, we organise the career fair FUSION with a lot of companies interested specifically in students from your master programme. So it is a good idea to keep watch on the information from our Career Committee (called Fysiksektionens Näringslivsutskott – FN).
  • It is a good idea to make new friends at your master programme so that you can get help with coursework and study together. The Physics Chapter, and the Master Reception especially, is a good place to do this!
  • Our chapter is most likely different in organisation and in spirit from your current chapter. Give it a try during the master reception, maybe you will like it better?

Q: I’m already a member of another chapter at KTH (e.g. Maskin, Flyg, MedTek). Can I become a member of the Physics Chapter?
A: According to the current regulations of THS, you as a student on a master programme associated with the Physics Chapter can ask to change your chapter to Physics while paying the union fee at KårX in Nymble. I suggest you do this if you e.g. enjoyed our pubs or sports activities a lot, or want to participate in our career building activities, since this will guarantee you access to and influence over everything that happens at our chapter. Remember that you can always be +1’ed into another chapter’s pub, and that you might have a lot of friends willing to do this at your previous chapter.

Q: Who decides what happens at the Physics Chapter?
A: The members! The Chapter is a big do-it-yourself project by the students at the associated programmes. We elect representatives at chapter meetings, but it is not necessary to be elected in order to contribute to the chapter. Just join a committee and you can help improve any part of the chapter, or if you are interested in organising a fun one-time activity like e.g. paintball or cupcake baking, contact the Activity Committee who have a pipeline ready for making your activity happen. Like all do-it-yourself projects, the Chapter is neither perfect nor complete, so if you feel like something should be improved, e.g. there should be more written information in English, join the appropriate committee and help improve it!


For questions about the Master Reception, contact Thomas (thogust@kth.se) or Emanuel (sno@f.kth.se).

The education quality assurance is done by FSN, the Study Committee, which you can contact at any point of your education via sno@f.kth.se. FSN can help you in many situations, e.g. if you think something unreasonable or unfair happens during a course, or to start a discussion with KTH on the course quality.

The chapter also has an elected Student Safety Representative which you can contact if you encounter an issue with the physical or mental wellbeing or safety of students at KTH. The Student Safety Representative exercises professional secrecy in all matters, and is contacted at studiesocialt@f.kth.se.

For information on the chapter, see our website f.kth.se and the Facebook pages of the Chapter: @fysiksektionen, the Pub & Party Committee: @fysiksklubbmasteri, the Activity Committee (sports & events): @aktivitetsnamnden, the Career Committee: @FysiksektionensNaringslivsutskott, and the International Committee: @FINTPhysicsInternational.

The Facebook pages are right now probably the best way to stay updated on events at the chapter! But if you really don’t like Facebook, you can also follow the Chapter Calendar (in that case please notify the Communication Committee FCom that you rely on it so they get spurred to update it more (or join FCom and do it yourself, they will love you forever)).

For inquiries about the chapter, contact the Chapter Board (styret@f.kth.se) or Chapter President Fred Lindahl (ordf@f.kth.se).