Medan -10°C snö piskar våra vänners ansikten stannar vi kvar på vårt milda, ljuvliga campus och hur firar vi det, om inte med en pub? Tisdag den 29 januari kl 17.23 i Konsulatet erbjuder vi i Klubbmästeriet på kulinariska upplevelser av utsökt karaktär.

Mat: ~20 kr
Öl: 20 kr
Cider: 20 kr
Alkfritt: 10 kr
Finare alkfritt: 20 kr

Som vanligt gäller sektionsmedlem och +1.



While some of our friends at the Physics Chapter are skiing in Åre, with snow whipping their faces at -10°C, we stay here at our mild tempered and lovely campus. What way to celebrate this could possibly be better than a pub? As usual we offer cheap culinary delights.

Food: ~20 kr
Beer: 20 kr
Cider: 20 kr
Non-alcoholic beverages: 10 kr
Finer non-alcoholic beverages: 20 kr

Please note: because of our permit we need to be at least 50% members of the Physics Chapter. We cannot guarantee that there’s place for you unless you are a member or a guest to a member on the premises (one member can only have one guest on the premises at any time). However, on most pubs there’s place anyway!