Plats och tid: 11:e september kl. 17.23 – 23.23 i Konsulatet

The Physics Chapter calls all beginning master students at our associated programmes to join us for a fun evening and a chance to get to know your fellow master students better. There will be a great selection of high-quality beverages and drinks at an inexpensive price, and there will also be a pub quiz at 18:30!

The bar serves food, so no need to eat before the pub if you show up early.

This activity is part of the Physics Chapter Master Reception for students starting the master programmes in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Mathematics and Nuclear Energy Engineering. Sign up also for our Dinner Challenge at

Food: ~20 kr
Beer: 20 kr
Cider: 20 kr
Non-alcoholic beverages: 10 kr
Finer non-alcoholic beverages: 20 kr