Tid och plats: tisdag 14 maj 2019 kl. 17.23 i Konsulatet

Nu när de varma vårvindarna börjat svepa över campus svalkar vi oss med isglass! Den här veckas tisdagspub är nämligen av den glassigare sorten. Så kom till puben och coola ner!

Mat: ~20 kr
Öl: 20 kr
Cider: 20 kr
Alkfritt: 10 kr
Finare alkfritt: 20 kr

Som vanligt gäller sektionsmedlem och +1.


Now when the warm winds of spring are sweeping over campus we cool down with popsicle! This Tuesday’s pub will definitely satisfy your icy needs. So come to the pub and chill out!

Food: ~20 kr
Beer: 20 kr
Cider: 20 kr
Non-alcoholic beverages: 10 kr
Finer non-alcoholic beverages: 20 kr

Please note: because of our permit we need to be at least 50% members of the Physics Chapter. We cannot guarantee that there’s place for you unless you are a member or a guest to a member on the premises (one member can only have one guest on the premises at any time).