FINT is  the committee in physics chapter that deals with all things international.
We arrange fun events and activities tailored towards  international master and exchange students in english.

Being part of FINT is super fun! You get to hang out with people from around the world, be part of an active community and get to know the ins and outs of the chapter. If you’re active in FINT, you also get 0.2 extra GPA when applying for exchange programmes!

We’re currently looking for the following positions:

Design master, in charge of making adverts, patches and more for FINT and its events.

Translator – translating pages from the swedish website and other stuff.

Fintare- you’re going to be planning activities and events, from inception to completion, you going to help other fintare with their projects and help international students navigate Swedish society and customs.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask,
or simply ask FINTO (Mattias Wang) or vFINTO (Emilia Freund).

Sign-up form:

Warm Hugs, FINTO!