The Force is the Physics chapter’s magazine. The magazine contains everything that various physicists want to share with other physicists; and also some content that physicists will enjoy getting.

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It is very independent what you choose to contribute with; it can be anything from an article, more or less serious, to a crossword puzzle or similar. If you like graphic design, there is a constant need for your help with everything from magazine covers to their typesetting, which is done in InDesign.

Older issues in digital format

Below you can read a few older issues from 2020 digitally. In the future, we hope that all issues will be available here.

Julforce 2020

Hohoho! Christmas Force 2020 can be browsed below!

The Force – now on the “net”!

… -.- – – – -.. .- -. … ..-. – .-. -.-. .
The Force calls the Physics Chapter! The wait has come to an end. After a lot of hard work and effort, The Force has completed the work of making this year’s first magazine. With a bang, we are releasing a slightly extravagant issue – Skottdagsforce! The man in the clip is one of many things that will be found in the brand new issue available below! Enjoy!

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