Physics room committee

About the Physics Room Committee FRum

The Physics Room Committee, also called FRum, is responsible for the Physics Chapter’s chapter hall, the Consulate, and also the chapter car. The top dog is the Consul General (GK) who watches over the Consulate in his fiery yellow robe and can sometimes be heard shouting when the piles of dishes grow. Next to the GK is the Baristocrat and the omnipotent CdA (Chargé d’affaires), who is responsible for the eminent candy cabinet where a large amount of sweets and other goodies can be bought for a small amount of money. The FRum organizes cleaning days about once a period, during which it offers dinner and/or other amusements. At other times, the Consulate is kept clean with the help of all chapter members. Those who feel they have done something extra can here register as an FRum Angel and thus be invited to the festivities!

Get Involved

If you want to get involved, the easiest way is to fill in this form. If you have any ideas on how the Consulate can be improved, or want to book the Consulate for an event, don’t hesitate to contact!