Elected representatives

Are you looking for a specific person to contact in the Physics Chapter? Then you have come to the right place! Below we list all elected representatives in the Physics Section with their contact details.

Want to get a better idea of what the different representatives do and are responsible for? Check the page about the chapter’s committees. There you will find information about the different groups and what they do.

The Board

The Board styret@f.kth.se
President Johan Johannisson Lundquist F-19 ordf@f.kth.se
Vice president Eskil Nyberg F-21 vordf@f.kth.se
Treasurer Ludvig Skare F-20 kassor@f.kth.se
Member of the Board and student safety officer Madeleine Lindström F-20 studiesocialt@f.kth.se
Member of the Board Ebba Löwenberg F-22 ledamot@f.kth.se
Johan Sundström Curstedt F-21
Mårten Fürstenbach F-22

Committee representatives

The Activity Committee aktivitet@f.kth.se
President Hugo Wretling F-20 aktordf@f.kth.se
Vice president Elliot Collin F-20 viceaktordf@f.kth.se
Fysikalens staff management (2023) fysikalen@f.kth.se
Commissary (president) Arman Aspromonti F-22 fysikalen@f.kth.se
Detective (treasurer) Albin Wickman Lundberg F-22 fysikalen@f.kth.se
Inspector (vice president) Linnea Stålberg F-23 fysikalen@f.kth.se
Klubbmästeriet klubbmaster@f.kth.se
Klubbmästare Emil Wiktorsson F-21
Klubbmästare Katja Borelius F-22
Klubbmästare Sam Houghton F-22
The Business Association foretag@f.kth.se
President (Secretary-General) Jonathan Kenichi Ahrlind F-22 fnordf@f.kth.se
Vice president Not appointed F-?? fnviceordf@f.kth.se
Treasurer Erik Oskar Duvander F-22 fnkassor@f.kth.se
Portfolio managers Maximilian Nordler F-23
The Study Committee fsn@f.kth.se
President Lovisa Tallenmo Keller F-23 sno@f.kth.se
Vice president Elias Nilsson F-23 vsno@f.kth.se
Program responsible student (CTFYS) Ludwig Wahlund F-23 pas@f.kth.se
Program responsible student (CTMAT) Lucas Benson F-23 pas@f.kth.se
The Communications Committee kommunikation@f.kth.se
President Mårten Fürstenbach F-22 kommordf@f.kth.se
Editor Zofia Lukasiewicz F-23 redaktor@f.kth.se
Webmaster William Kraft F-22 webmaster@f.kth.se
Design manager Wilhelm Carmevik F-22
The Equality Committee ojamn@f.kth.se
President (oJämn) Isac Wänlund F-21 ojamn@f.kth.se
Vice president (Jämn) Sofia Hedenstedt F-22
The Reception mottagningen@f.kth.se
President Ryll Åman F-14
Treasurer Magda Björk F-20
Vice President Lukas Granqvist F-20
Fadderist Fredrika Lundqvist Åbrink F-22
Fadderist Nessim Khemiri F-22
Fadderist Signe Svensson F-22
Fadderist Sverker Ernlund F-21
The International Reception international@f.kth.se
President (FINTO) Arthur Maignan Int. finto@f.kth.se
Vice president Leo Collin F-22
The Physics room committee frum@f.kth.se
President (Consul General) Emmie Zemack F-22 gk@f.kth.se
Treasurer (Chargé d’Affaires) Magdalena Christiansson F-22 cda@f.kth.se
Vice president (Baristocrat) Lage Linusson-Hahn F-21 baristokrat@f.kth.se

Other functionaries

Auditor Teo Elmfeldt F-17 revisor@f.kth.se
Samuel Eriksson Lidbrink F-18
Coordinator Fusion 2025 Ian Stark F-22 plfusion@f.kth.se
Election Committee Magda Björk F-20 valberedning@fysiksektionen.se
Lovisa Strange F-20
Rilind Hoti F-21
Project leader Åreresan 2024 Tove Nordmark F-21 åre@fysiksektionen.se
Project leaders Cern Trip 2024 Arman Aspromonti F-22 cern@fysiksektionen.se
Hassan Abdulaal F-22
Harun Gürhan F-22
Representatives in the Union Council 23/24 (KF) Anton Mörtberg F-20 kf-f@f.kth.se
Mårten Fürstenbach F-22
Johan Sundström Curstedt F-21
Rebecca Remling F-19
Frida Grönberg F-19
Fanborg Johan Johannisson Lundquist F-19 fanbarare@f.kth.se
Eskil Nyberg F-21