The Study Commitee, FSN

About the Study Committee FSN

The Physics Chapter’s Study Committee, FSN, is the committee within the chapter that is responsible for study monitoring. The purpose of the work is that the programs Engineering Physics and Engineering Mathematics at KTH should have a high quality education and teaching environment, as well as a good reputation. To achieve our goals, we continuously collect opinions about the education and convey these to KTH by appointing course evaluation boards in all compulsory courses at the undergraduate level. Course evaluation boards are a link between teachers and students on the program, and in addition to collecting opinions, they also write course evaluations after completing the course.

FSN also organizes study-related events, helps students with student law issues and acts as a communication channel between the chapter members and THS. At the end of each academic year, FSN appoints the Teacher of the Year, the Assistant of the Year and awards the Feather in the Hat award to teachers and assistants in the basic block of education who have made the best teaching effort during the year. The awards are presented at a formal ceremony.

Get involved

Do you want to get involved in study monitoring? Do you want help or advice on your rights in student life? Then FSN is the committee for you. Below is a list of different positions and projects within FSN. Email the committee at or grab one of us in the Consulate if you want to be involved in our work!

Posts involve a slightly greater responsibility than projects, but even those who work on projects are invited to FSN’s internal meetings during the project period, where we discuss everything from promotion requirements to how we want to influence the courses over a longer period of time. Projects can be done by one or more people. To apply for a project, email, stating your name, year, project and any ideas. Or if you have another suggestion for a project, please get in touch!


Elected posts


President of the Study Committee. Selected by the Chapter Meeting (SM).


Program responsible Student for Engineering Physics. Selected by the Chapter Meeting (SM).


Program responsible Student for Engineering Mathematics. Selected by the Chapter Meetings (SM).


Vice-President of the Study Committee. Elected by the Physics Chapter Board Meeting (STYM).


Elected by the Committee. Manages the Study Committee’s website.


Elected by the Committee. Manages the bookshelf in the Consulate.

Study monitoring

Course evaluation board

Selected at the beginning of each course, they act as intermediaries for communication between students and course coordinators. Read more!

Year group representative

A bridge between the course evaluation board, course coordinators and the management of the Study Committee. If several people are interested, the year representative is elected at the year group forum. Read more!

Master Responsible Students

Representative of the students in the master programs. Read more!