The Communication Committee, Fcom

About the Communication Committee Fcom

The Physics Chapter’s Communication Board, also called Fcom, works to support the chapter in everything that is communication related. Our main task is to maintain the chapter’s communication channels, and make sure that they are used properly. In addition, we are responsible for developing the chapter’s IT resources, producing and publishing the chapter magazine Force, and developing and selling profile items. We are also happy to help with various communication-related things, such as graphic design, photography, and emailing. Please contact the Communications Committee at if you or your committee would like help with anything.

Get involved

Have you been interested in getting involved in the Physics Chapter, but felt that the time isn’t quite enough? Then Fcom offers a great opportunity to try being active in the chapter without committing to any responsibilities. You don’t need any prior knowledge to join, as long as you are interested in learning!

As a member of Fcom, there is an incredible variety of things you can do, from photography and design to writing and programming. In addition, you are always welcome to attend council meetings, and to join any of the council’s subgroups; the FArt design group, the Force editorial team, and the programming group.