Forms and templates

Events and fire protection

Party registration – Or found under “Application for gathering – student” in KTH’s form archive.

Fire checklist for parties and events.

KTH’s & THS’s page for systematic fire protection work

KTH’s page on fire safety

For FEST and STAD education contact

Official templates

Chapter meetings

Proposal templateDownload or Copy under the “File” menu button.


Authorisation during meetings – To entrust your vote (or other right) to someone you trust during a meeting.

Reservation in case of a decision – To reserve a decision, if you want it to be noted that you did not agree with it.


Expenses – Fill in one if you want money for something you bought on behalf of the Physics Chapter, left in the trays in the group room in the Chapter hall.
Document about expenses.

Graphic profile

The graphic profile can be found under resources on the website, or here.

(The old graphic profile in LaTeX (aka f-style) can be found here, and completed here.)


SCI school’s central form page
Template for making Song Sheets (TeX class, instructions) [Outdated].