The Business Association

About the Business Association FN

The Business Association of the Physics Chapter, FN, works to provide you as an F-technologist with the opportunity to get to know your possible future employers. We organize the career fair, lunch lectures, pubs, advertising and other things that allow students and companies to get better contact with each other. The Business Association is the bridge between the study and working life.

Would you like to take part of job offers, company visits and scholarships from companies that are looking for students studying engineering physics or engineering mathematics? Then sign up for our mailing list!

Do you want to help and work with business issues at the Physics Chapter? If so, we are very interested in your involvement. Chapter involvement is a great way to make new friends and learn new skills, but it is also something that many employers value when recruiting. Do you want to get involved in the Business Association, or do you have any questions or concerns? Feel free to send an email to!

About Fusion

On January 24, 2023, the Physics Chapter has our career fair, Fusion! Fusion is a fair for students in Engineering Physics and Engineering Mathematics. At the fair, you students will get the chance to present yourself to companies and learn more about their activities and work opportunities such as summer jobs and thesis work. Read more about Fusion here.

About F.Cap

The Physics Chapter’s Asset Management (F.Cap) is a subgroup of FN that manages part of the Physics Chapter’s money through a student-run active investment fund. The purpose behind the Physics Chapter’s asset management is management, education and inclusion.

The day-to-day operations consist of board members (Analysts) analyzing different investment opportunities (listed companies and funds) and presenting them during regular pitch meetings, after which an Investment Committee led by the F.Cap chairman (Portfolio Manager) makes the investment decision.

You can read more about F.Cap’s organization, purpose and ongoing activities in F.Cap’s operational policy.

You can follow F.Cap’s published analysis and holdings on our website:

For companies

Are you from a company? More information is available on this page.