Protocol SM1

Protocol SM1 Hello Chapter, Apologies for the delay, it’s on me for being late to transcribe, but here are the meeting minutes for Chapter Meeting 1. Happy reading 🙂 Protocol SM1

Documents SM2

Documents SM2 Here are the documents for SM2, completely motion-free Remember to sign up for the food if you plan to attend, free food and nicely marked patches 🙂 Documents SM2

Summons SM2

Summons SM2 Finally, it’s time for this year’s second chapter meeting. Warm welcome to SM2! At this SM, we will, among other things, decide on how to distribute last year’s profits, vote on the THS camaraderie scholarship (nominations open until 5 PM on the 25th of March), bring up dormant statute changes from SM1, discuss

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Sewing circle 18th March

Sewing Circle March 18 On the 18th of March at 17:23, everyone is welcome to Konsulatet for a cozy sewing circle. Maybe you want to put on your new cool TG patch, or perhaps you want to work your way through the pile of patches growing faster than you can sew. Maybe you are adventurous

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