Summons SM2

Finally, it’s time for this year’s second chapter meeting. Warm welcome to SM2!
At this SM, we will, among other things, decide on how to distribute last year’s profits, vote on the THS camaraderie scholarship (nominations open until 5 PM on the 25th of March), bring up dormant statute changes from SM1, discuss discharge of the board for 2023, and conduct by-elections for the post of Chairperson of the Education Committee (SNO).

Summons SM2

Everyone who signs up for food (before 26/3 at 23:59) will get free food, and the first 50 who sign up for food (and show up) will get a cool SM2 patch

SM2 Food Sign-up

The board also wants to make SM as good as possible for all members. In order to do that, we would like to hear what YOU think about SM, regardless of whether you’ve attended a hundred SMs, two, or none at all.

SM Evaluation Form