The election committee

Hello Chapter!

Now all of this year’s chapter meetings have passed and we have many new representatives for next year. Congratulations to all who have been elected!

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Representatives elected so far in 2023

The following people have been elected in the early elections and by-elections to positions of trust in 2023.

The Board:
President: Johan Johannisson Lundquist
Vice-President: Eskil Nyberg
Treasurer: Ludvig Skare
Social: Madeleine Lindström
Member: Ebba Löwenberg, Johan Sundström Cursetdt and Mårten Fürstenbach

Auditor: Teo Elmfeldt and Jonas Nylund

President: Tomas Nordström
Treasurer: William Andersson
Portfolio manager: Axel Bergengren

SNO: Hugo Chow
F-PAS: Katja Borelius

President: Carl Svensson
Vice President: Nessim Khemiri

Consul General: Rilind Hoti
Charge d’Affaires: David Ye

Klubbmästare: Linn Bogren, Lukas Granqvist and Niklas Käll

President: Valdemar Melin
Webmaster: Tufva Linde
Design manager: Sofia Edvardsson
Editor: Eric Oldgren
Webmaster: Tufva Linde

FINTO: Hjalmar Winroth

The Reception:
Fadderist: Filip Ek, Kajsa Engelfeldt, Lage Linusson-Hahn and Linn Jänes
Föhsare: Mattias Wang, Samuel Eriksson Lidbrink and Emma Kuttainen Thyni

oJämN: Linn Ekman

Stabsledning: Rebecca Martinsson, Elias Lundell och Ludvig Skare

Congratulations to all those elected!

Swim calmly! //Election Committee