Scary Movie Pumpkin Carving Eve!

SIGN UP HERE:…/1FAIpQLSeB5YzUgbu…/viewform

In the spirit of Halloween, international and Swedish students alike will be welcome to join our pumpkin carving competition followed by a screening of a scary movie. The winning pumpkin carving team will of course be awarded for their talents! The bar will be open, and following the competition, food will be served for a small fee of 20 kr. The movie screening will also include free popcorn.

When: 30th Oct 17:23
Where: Konsulatet, Brinellvägen 89, KTH Campus

If you’re interested in joining the carving or just hanging out, sign up to the event through this form:…/1FAIpQLSeB5YzUgbu…/viewform

OBS: If you want to team up with someone specific in the competition, name them in the form. If you apply to join the competition without any specific teammates in mind, we will sort you into a team. The teams will consist of around 3 people.