Some positions at THS Management are still open for application. See descriptions below. Apply before December 4th via

THS Managemet – Head of Educational AffairsAre you passionate about education? Do you think KTH has the best educations in the world? Or do you want to make them better? Do you want a chance to influence THS’s activities and ensure that the students’ voices are heard? Apply for Head of Educational Affairs!

THS Managemet – THS StudiemiljöansvarigStudents’ health and existence, THS’s chapters and promoting the student life at KTH. Is this something you are passionate about? Apply and be he very first THS Studiemiljöansvarig! ‘

THS Managemet – Event ManagerDo you want to plan events for up to 1800 guests? Book stars to play on stage in Nymble? Do you want to make Nymble the largest and most diverse student union building in the world? Apply for Event Manager!

To apply: