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How could hate speech, discrimination and harassment be prevented in the gaming world? Could data infrastructure be more sustainable? Or what would it take to reduce loneliness in our society? Solution lies in technology, we believe. Now is your chance to show how.

Junction 2021 is Europe’s leading hackathon, happening both online and offline. The event gathers 2000 experienced coders, developers and tech enthusiasts as well as young visual and business professionals together to solve challenges of our partners, such as Aiven, Supercell and CGI.

At the event you get to team up with other enthusiastic problem solvers, and show what you are really made of. So clear your calendar on the 19-21/11 and apply to Junction 2021. The event will offer you valuable recruitment possibilities as well as great learning experiences!

Oh and, did we already mention the main prize? The winning team receives a prize of 10 000 €. From participation you will also receive a certificate, for which universities are usually willing to give one or more credits.

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